Special Guest – Dave “Harmonica” Hudson

Dave sits in with Jason D. on occasion around Memphis and sometimes out on the road.

He’s been playing Harmonica for years in a number of bands and with countless artists.

By day, he is one of the most sought after hair designers in the Memphis area, except his days off, when he’s a “almost pro-golfer”.

Special Guest – Emerald Butler

This charismatic burst of sunshine comes to us from Chattanooga and certainly can give the devil a run for his money when she fires up the bow.

Emerald loves interacting with Jason and the crowd and tours with Jason on occasion across the country.

James “Popcorn” Irving – Drums or Guitar

James, aka Popcorn, came to the band around 2008 as a special guest.

This super talented Rock star can play a number of instruments including vocals and is now Jason D. Williams resident drummer.

On occasion you will see him play guitar, and on rare occasion he may be on bass.

He hails from Huntsville, AL. No stranger to the road, he toured extensively with Microwave Dave for years and fronts his own band in Huntsville.

Jimmy “Cadillac Crumb” Davis – Bass (May 4, 1954 – June 2, 2022)

A veteran of the music scene and long time Bassist for Sleepy LaBeef, and guitar man for Jason D. since 2001, Jimmy, Cadillac Crumb, switched to Bass for in 2014.

We will forever have a void on the stage where Jimmy stood. Forever the optimist, Jimmy had a heart bigger than any stage he played on or audience he played to. Jimmy dedicated his life to music. He loved the road and the road loved him.

Jimmy began playing in local bands at a very early age and has traveled the world entertaining himself and others since. Jimmy has played thousands of stages, a variety of styles and with the best attitude of anyone on the road.

Jimmy has been with Jason D the past 13 years and says his time with Jason is the most fun possible playing music. Jimmy hales from Michigan and is a transplant to Arkansas.  Jimmy actually played with Jason D. when Jason first started traveling with Sleepy LaBeef and they share many fond stories about the road, music and one of their greatest inspirations, Sleepy LaBeef.

Jason D. Williams

Son of Hank & Marie Williams, Jason began playing the piano at the age of three.

After many youthful years of playing, without any formal training, Jason headed down the road of success at 18.

From Memphis to New York and Boston, Jason has traveled the entire country and most of the world. Jason’s talent has been admired by the greatest piano players in the music business. Elton John, Billy Joel and Jerry Lee have all been awestruck by his raw energy and incredible talent.

Jason plays more than 200 dates a year for more than 100.000 enthusiastic listeners. In his spare time Jason enjoys nature and is an avid birder. He can often be found exploring his more than 100 acre farm located in Arkansas.

Jason’s talent is truly one of a kind. His style goes from Boogie Woogie Rock & Roll to the most difficult Classical Contralto. Whatever the age, Jason’s ability to entertain is a crowd pleaser.

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