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Q. and A. With Jason

Have you ever thought about making a Gospel CD or including a Gospel song in concert?

“Yes I have, in fact often I will sing gospel music during a show. Most of our CD’s include at least one.”

Does your wife play an instrument? Will she be singing with you on stage or CD?

“Yes and no.”

Do you get tired of being compared to Jerry Lee Lewis even though the comparison is very much a compliment?

“Jerry Lee Lewis is the greatest performer, entertainer and conveyer of music in the universe and I consider it a compliment.”

Have you ever played backup in the studio for someone else’s records the way Jerry Lee did for Carl Perkins and Billy Lee Riley?

“I have played backup for Johnny Rivers, Dale Watson, Billy Ray Cyrus and just about anyone else who has asked.”

Whom do you like to listen to – besides you?

“Michael Hurley, Richard Lee Johnson, Allen Seedler, Memphis Slim, Preservation Hall Band.”

Are you going to be writing any new songs?

“Yes, every day I write songs. Every show I write songs. Come see one.”

Are you anticipating having a biography written about you?

“We are in the process now.”

Do you play any other instrument besides the piano?

“All of them, and love to needlepoint and paint too!”

What would you be doing if being a performer were not your calling in life?

“Landscaping or bird watching.”

I would like to know if Jason took piano lessons, or does he play by ear?

“Yes, from a very gifted teacher and classical performer, Roger Lawson, however I never learned how to read music. I have been playing since I was three years old.”

If you play so many dates why are there only a few listed on your site?

“We only post the shows that are at public venues or tickets can be purchased for. We play over 160 dates a year, but a lot of them are private or corporate type shows.”

I’ve seen you many times but would really like to see you again at a place much closer to how can you do that?

“There are many places in the world we love to play. If there is someplace close to you that you think would be perfect for us let us know about it and let it know about us!”

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