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About the Band

Jason D. Williams


Son of Hank & Marie Williams, Jason began playing the piano at the age of three.

After many youthful years of playing, without any formal training, Jason headed down the road of success at 18.

From Memphis to New York and Boston, Jason has traveled the entire country and most of the world. Jason's talent has been admired by the greatest piano players in the music business. Elton John, Billy Joel and Jerry Lee have all been awestruck by his raw energy and incredible talent.

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Jimmy Davis - Bass


A veteran of the music scene and long time Bassist for Sleepy LaBeef, and guitar man for Jason D., Jimmy, Cadillac Crumb, switched to Bass for Jason D in 2014.

Jimmy began playing in local bands at a very early age and has traveled the world entertaining himself and others since. Jimmy has played thousands of stages, a variety of styles and with the best attitude of anyone on the road.

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Rodney Polk - Drums


As a native Memphian, Rodney was born with that Memphis beat.

He started playing drums as a child and began his professional career at the age of eleven.

Like many "southern" musicians, his roots are embedded in gospel, which made his transition to rock, blues, soul and country a natural. Over the years, he has recorded endless sessions and albums and has toured with numerous musicians coast-to-coast.

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Special Guest: James "Popcorn" Irving - Drums or Guitar


James Irving hails from Alabama and has been beating drums, picking guitars, and singing vocals since he can remember.

Nicknames for James here in the Jason D. camp are Popcorn, because he reminds us of a fresh piece of popcorn that's just popped and is hopping around the pan. Or Dew, like Mountain Dew, his favorite soda pop!

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Special Guest: Steve Clarke - Horn


Meeting this man at the Minnesota State Fair several years back was a blessing.

Steve Clarke has been voted Best in Minnesota and with good reason. This man can not just play the horn, he really becomes the horn.


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