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Listen and Boogie with Rockin Jason D.


Wild CD

Wild was recorded in 1993 while Jason was signed with Sun Records.  Recorded in Nashville, TN, this album is full of some all time fan favorites, like Tubular Bells, Mr. Charlie, and of course Pianimal.

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Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Wild
2 Caldonia
3 Pianimal
4 Mr. Charlie
5 Red Hot
6 My Zoot Suit
7 Tubular Bells
8 Goin Down to Memphis
9 Dig That Boogie

Tore Up

ToreUp album cover

Tore Up was recorded 1989-1990 on RCA Records. This was the first album on a major label that Jason recorded. Fan favorite Lynns Song is on this album. The album was also recorded in famous Nashville Studio B. The last recording artist to record in that studio prior to Jason was Elvis. Literally they brushed the dust off the recording board when they walked in day one.

Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Big Roll Daddy
2 Dueling Piano
3 Everybody Rockin on a Saturday Night
4 I Refuse to Sing the Blues
5 Lynns Song
6 Slow Down
7 St. James Infermary
8 Tore Up
9 Waiting On Ice
10 Where Theres Smoke
11 Why Would I Hurt You

Don't Get None Onya

webCover 2

Don't Get None Onya', recorded in 2004/2006 on Rockabilly Records.  This album was recorded in Memphis, TN at the great Sam Phillips Recording Studio with Roland Janes behind the wheel, so to speak.  All first takes, no punch in's, music the way it's suppose to be done.  A few gospals and some old time favorites. If you're buying Great Balls of Fire, be sure to get I'll Fly Away and Will the Circle Be Unbroken, it's one long medley.

Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Nadine
2 Portland Water
3 Rock Island Line
4 There's a Man Down There
5 Standing on a Rock
6 Okie From Muskogie
7 Great Balls of Fire 1 of 3 Medley
8 I'll Fly Away part 2 of 3 Medley
9 Will the Circle Be Unbroken part 3 of 3 Medley
10 Crazy Arms
11 St. Louis Blues Medley

Killer Instincts


Early in 2010, Williams, who recorded for RCA and Sun Records in the 1980s and '90s, was set to return to the recording fold with Todd Snider as his producer. The two had discussed the covers they would tackle and tape had started to roll when they decided to try something different. Snider has become entranced by Williams' ability to create poetry on the spot and thought his words could easily become lyrics. And from several mad, inspired weeks of recording in Nashville and Memphis, TN the 14-track album, Killer Instincts, was born.

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Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Like Jerry Lee
2 Big Red Green One
3 If You Ever Saw A Baby With Its Pud
4 You Look Like I Could Use a Drink
5 Wine Spodee Odee
6 Daddy's Lil Punkin
7 White Trash
8 What am I Gonna Do
9 Really Really Pretty
10 Sanctified
11 Mr.Jesus
12 Crippled Down
13 Yes I Can
14 To Hell With You

Comin Out Live


Comin Out Live was recorded LIVE and it's best to purchase the entire album.  It's a rowdy crowd and a wild Jason D and best of all, it's probably new to you!

Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Cotton Fields Back Home
2 Johnny B Good
3 High Heel Sneakers Part 1 of 3
4 Big Boss Man Part 2 of 3
5 Workin Man Blues
6 Chantilly Lace
7 Sweet Little 16
8 Lynns Song Live
9 Match Box
10 So Lonesome I Could Cry
11 Caldonia LIVE
12 Williams Boogie
13 Goodnight Instrumental



Recycled as a whole is a collection of Jason's favorite songs, the bonus track was never released and pays homage to Lynyrd Skynyrd.  This was recorded in Blackbird Studio at the same time as Killer Instincts and features Mike Harber on Bass.

Track#Track NamePlay it
 The Breeze

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


It's a single.  Merry Christmas.

Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer