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  • Jason D. Williams - Raw, Vintage Boogie!
    Jason D. Williams
    Raw, Vintage
    There hasn't been raw, vintage boogie this solid since Jerry Lee lost his steam in the Seventies
    - Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Rockin Jason D.
    A wild man
    He takes the time machine back to when rock rolled on piano power
    - New York Post

Comin Out Live was recorded LIVE and it's best to purchase the entire album.  It's a rowdy crowd and a wild Jason D and best of all, it's probably new to you!

Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Cotton Fields Back Home
2 Johnny B Good
3 High Heel Sneakers Part 1 of 3
4 Big Boss Man Part 2 of 3
5 Workin Man Blues
6 Chantilly Lace
7 Sweet Little 16
8 Lynns Song Live
9 Match Box
10 So Lonesome I Could Cry
11 Caldonia LIVE
12 Williams Boogie
13 Goodnight Instrumental