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  • Jason D. Williams - Raw, Vintage Boogie!
    Jason D. Williams
    Raw, Vintage
    There hasn't been raw, vintage boogie this solid since Jerry Lee lost his steam in the Seventies
    - Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Rockin Jason D.
    A wild man
    He takes the time machine back to when rock rolled on piano power
    - New York Post
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Don't Get None Onya', recorded in 2004/2006 on Rockabilly Records.  This album was recorded in Memphis, TN at the great Sam Phillips Recording Studio with Roland Janes behind the wheel, so to speak.  All first takes, no punch in's, music the way it's suppose to be done.  A few gospals and some old time favorites. If you're buying Great Balls of Fire, be sure to get I'll Fly Away and Will the Circle Be Unbroken, it's one long medley.

Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Nadine
2 Portland Water
3 Rock Island Line
4 There's a Man Down There
5 Standing on a Rock
6 Okie From Muskogie
7 Great Balls of Fire 1 of 3 Medley
8 I'll Fly Away part 2 of 3 Medley
9 Will the Circle Be Unbroken part 3 of 3 Medley
10 Crazy Arms
11 St. Louis Blues Medley