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  • Jason D. Williams - Raw, Vintage Boogie!
    Jason D. Williams
    Raw, Vintage
    There hasn't been raw, vintage boogie this solid since Jerry Lee lost his steam in the Seventies
    - Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Rockin Jason D.
    A wild man
    He takes the time machine back to when rock rolled on piano power
    - New York Post
Wild CD

Wild was recorded in 1993 while Jason was signed with Sun Records.  Recorded in Nashville, TN, this album is full of some all time fan favorites, like Tubular Bells, Mr. Charlie, and of course Pianimal.

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Track#Track NamePlay it
1 Wild
2 Caldonia
3 Pianimal
4 Mr. Charlie
5 Red Hot
6 My Zoot Suit
7 Tubular Bells
8 Goin Down to Memphis
9 Dig That Boogie