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Rodney Polk - Drums


As a native Memphian, Rodney was born with that Memphis beat.

He started playing drums as a child and began his professional career at the age of eleven.

Like many "southern" musicians, his roots are embedded in gospel, which made his transition to rock, blues, soul and country a natural. Over the years, he has recorded endless sessions and albums and has toured with numerous musicians coast-to-coast.

During his career he has played with many of the great Memphis legends including: Sandy Carroll; Blind Mississippi Morris; Percy Sledge; Willie Cobbs; Eddie Harrison and Smoochie Smith.

It has been said, that although he has impeccable timing, he just doesn't beat the drums, he plays the music. His unique style and rare talent are a driving force. He engages both fellow players and listeners with eye contact and his feel for the music.