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Tore Up

ToreUp album cover

Tore Up was recorded 1989-1990 on RCA Records. This was the first album on a major label that Jason recorded. Fan favorite Lynns Song is on this album. The album was also recorded in famous Nashville Studio B. The last recording artist to record in that studio prior to Jason was Elvis. Literally they brushed the dust off the recording board when they walked in day one.

Track# Track Name Play it Buy it for $1
1 Big Roll Daddy
2 Dueling Piano
3 Everybody Rockin on a Saturday Night
4 I Refuse to Sing the Blues
5 Lynns Song
6 Slow Down
7 St. James Infermary
8 Tore Up
9 Waiting On Ice
10 Where Theres Smoke
11 Why Would I Hurt You